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It is Melody America’s great honor to serve our troops providing entertainment for the following reoccurring events (Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA).

  • Melody America Beach Bash, base wide attendance (Del Mar Beach Resort main stage)

  • Wounded Warrior Battalion West, rehabilitation music lessons (Hope and Care Center)

  • Wounded Warrior Battalion West, Daddy and Daughter Dance (Hope and Care Center)

  • Wounded Warrior Battalion West, Family BBQ and back to school event (Bravo Company building, Lake O’Neill event vista)

  • Wounded Warriors trials (Paige Field House sport complex, sporting event)

  • 1st Battalion 1st Marines Christmas/Holiday Celebration

  • 5th Battalion 11th Marines Christmas/Holiday Celebration

  • Marine Air Wing: HMLA-267 “Stingers” vs. HMLA-469 “Vengeance” Turkey Bowl football game. (Paige Field house sports center)

  • 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion 1st Marines, Gator Beach Bash (Del Mar Beach Resort)

  • Single Marine Program (SMP)

Base wide Music can relax people and provide a moment of peace. This is a chance for our troops to bond with each other and their families. A moment to recharge their mind, body and spirit before and after being deployed. Our goal is to help people feel both optimistic and empowered. Melody America unites communities, uplifts individuals and connects businesses and government agencies with the people they serve.

MELODY AMERICA is a nexus to the business industry and government agencies of today.