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Mission and Goals

Our Mission:

     To celebrate and empower America, its citizens and the United States Military through a live music and entertainment platform. Live music performance allows Melody America and our sponsors the ability to interact personally with our troops. Shake a soldiers hand and say ”THANK YOU”. Live performance is a way to show our troops that America cares and is grateful for their service and sacrifice for our freedom.

Our Goal:

     To bring the Melody America program to every state and territory in America and abroad. Visiting and performing music in a festival type atmosphere on U.S. Military Facilities and Bases worldwide. We are engaged with state and federal government agencies, cities, corporations and the general public for live performance events. We want all of the United States to feel the positive and uplifting message that Melody America brings to every event. The music events serve to inform and unite communities with Melody America’s socioeconomic programs and message of gratitude for our beautiful freedom.